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Back issues for sale on this page are from the current issue to 2 years previous. We do have many older issues available. If you would like to purchase an issue not shown on this webpage, please contact Mary Mildren, Circulation/Marketing Director at 207-822-4350x225 or email Thank you! 

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Issue #231 Ocean Navigator January-February 2016

Issue #231 Ocean Navigator January-February 2016

In the special section on Electrical Systems, we look at electrical system monitors for gauging the capacity of a boat's battery banks. As technology has improved system monitors have become more accurate and sophisticated. We'll look at what these units can do and the reasons why gauging electrical system capacity is a challenging task. In this special section we also examine the advantages of a DC positive distribution buss and will look at a way to wire the charging system to give priority to the house bank batteries so they always stay charged. In our Ocean Voyaging section we'll see how a routine delivery from Bermuda to the northeast U.S. turned into a rough ride and a knock down in the Gulf Stream. For power voyaging enthusiasts, trawler expert Jeff Merrill explains how some voyagers increase their voyaging range with on-deck fuel bladders. In a slice of the voyaging life, a voyager describes how sunny tropical paradise is often interrupted by rain showers and why that is a great thing for the local people and for voyagers. Ocean survival expert Steve Callahan looks at the new film "In the the Heart of the Sea" and compares ocean survival gear and techniques of the 19th century with those of today. And a sailor visiting Bermuda writes about an unusual island landmark: what's likely the world's narrowest drawbridge.

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