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Stuffing box inspection and replacement

The stuffing box is a critical part of the boat. It allows a driveshaft to spin through the hull without allowing water to pour into the vessel. These units are often deep down in the boat, behind the engine and with limited access.

More Atlantic Ice Islands

The International Ice Patrol has spotted more icebergs than normal for April

A great passage and seminars too

Learning marine weather and celestial navigation while sailing to Bermuda on the Oliver Hazard Perry

Young and Salty launches

A new website aims to convince younger people to go ocean voyaging

Lunitidal interval

In the small village where I live, I have spread my reputation as someone who knows a thing or two about celestial navigation.

Vendee Globe racer finishes with jury rig

Conrad Colman is dismasted but rebuilds a rig at sea and finishes in 16th place

Cold molding a hull

This video from Lyman Morse shows some of the coordinated work involved

Hurricane-force lows

Low-pressure systems are the weather systems that produce most of the “bad” weather over the world’s oceans, meaning strongest winds and roughest seas.

Broadband satellite communication

Worldwide access to full-service broadband phone and Internet communications is gradually coming down in price as it grows in dependability and popularity.

Weather satellites go high def

The latest GOES spacecraft has four times the resolution of previous weather birds

Armel Le Cleac’h wins Vendee Globe

The French sailor finishes in record time Alex Thomson of Great Britain notches second

Offshore celestial navigation adventure!

Learn celestial and marine weather while sailing to Bermuda on the tall ship Oliver Hazard Perry

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