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Ocean Navigator

GPS firms facing LightSquared suit

Critics say the proposed network could have created coverage holes for coastal navigation

Fife classic Kentra stunning at 90

Fairlie Yachts assists in the restoration and celebration

Icom America Donates Marine Radio Equipment to Medical NGOs for Upcoming "Missionary Wars" Television Program

PAE names new Eastern Med agent

Ocean Voyager

Whatever floats your…

Coming to shores of Tokyo Bay, another contender for the fastest thing afloat

This is one loud hailer!

Choose your words carefully, a "long range acoustic device" can project your voice for miles

Web Exclusive

Adventure 40 design coming together

Efforts to develop a moderately-priced, ocean-ready voyaging boat move forward

Iron propulsion for Oliver Hazard Perry

Two Caterpillar C-12 diesel engines will help Oliver Hazard Perry stay on the move

All is Lost poster winner!

A power voyager from California wins our comment contest and nabs the signed All is Lost movie poster

Nav Clock

Rallies and weather

I recently become aware of a blog post by John Harries on his Attainable Adventure Cruising website, and thought I should contribute to what has been an excellent and spirited discussion about sailing rallies in the fall.

Paper charts refuse to fold

There will soon be fewer around, but NOAA has print-on-demand copies to use on the water or your wall

It's just a phase

Celestial navigators can see the moon go through a year of phases in five minutes

Score one for modern materials

Replacing the original rudder of a C&C 40 with a carbon fiber version

New York Harbor after Sandy

NOAA fast-tracks an updated chart that reflects a new world for mariners

What masts for Oliver Hazard Perry?

The training ship Perry will have steel lowers, but everything above will be wood

Special movie premiere in Muscat

The crew of a Dutch ship involved in anti-piracy patrol enjoyed a novel first viewing of the movie 'Captain Phillips'

A spectacular Reunion

The Oyster World Rally drops anchor in the French territory before heading for Africa

World's smallest PLB

“Oh God thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.”

Drone sailboat to Hawaii

An unmanned oceanographic research trimaran sailed 2,100 miles from San Francisco to Hawaii

Sailing sims help with spinal rehab

Study finds that virtual sailing can assist people with spinal cord injuries

Coast Guard pulls two from burning sailboat

Responders quickly reach the 60-foot Windermere in challenging conditions off Rhode Island

Steering problems hamper offshore rally

Voyagers in the 2013 Salty Dawg Rally to the Caribbean get clobbered by weather with many calls for assistance

Sailing fleet in New York Harbor

Sailboats engage in fleet protest against Russian arrest of Greenpeace activists

Comment on All is Lost and win a signed poster

Chime in on the new sailing survivial movie and enter to win a poster signed by the director

Yet again, it's AMVER to the rescue

A ship dispatched by the global response system saves a sailor 700 miles off Cape Cod

LED nav lights in Hawaii

A look at switching lighted Aids to Navigation from bulbs to LEDs

Better wind data on the cheap

NASA is using spare parts for a new orbiting instrument that will aid sailors

The Captain's Toolbox

Raster charts go to higher resolution

NOAA raster digital charts will be available at improved resolution making for easier reading

Staying fit on a voyage

Voyaging is a healthy enterprise. The air at sea is unpolluted; the watch routine ensures that sailors spend more time outside than their landlocked friends; food can sometimes come fresh from the sea or, especially in the tropics, fresh from tree and vine. Regular, structured exercise, however, remains a problem.

Somali pirates down but not out

Naval forces warn yachts to avoid the high-risk area despite progress against marauding

Inventories of printed charts to disappear

NOAA plans to discontinue all paper charts except for its print on demand products

'Irresistible challenge' for a legend

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston will crew aboard a Clipper 68 in the annual Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

A massive hauling job

Instead of towing the wrecked Costa Concordia, the cruise ship will be carried by a semi-submersible ship

Chuck Husick Award Finalists

The finalists for the 2013 Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award

Famed Nada set to transform lives

Nigel Calder’s Ingrid 38, saved from the scrap yard, will be a platform for teaching

Politics and weather

“Due to the Federal government shutdown, NOAA.gov and most associated websites are unavailable. Specific NOAA websites necessary to protect lives and property are operational and will be maintained.”

A piece of history to appear in Annapolis

A rudder from Oracle Team USA's AC 72 will be at the Annapolis Boat Show

Going overboard for art

The Cancun Underwater Museum adds sculpture No. 500 to its coral-friendly collection

No Russian required

New receiver combines GPS with the revitalized Russian Glonass system

Communications satellites get the shakes

Boeing gives new Inmarsat 5 satellites the business while they're still on the ground

New Fontaine design Friendship 36 gets GMT spar

Battle into the Southern Hemisphere

The Clipper 2013-14 Race fleet breaks free of the Doldrums

Voltage systems, Ohms Law, and DC-DC converters

Boats up to about 60 feet in length generally have a 12 Volt DC electrical system. This is largely due to the fact that many pieces of boating electrical gear are based on automotive/industrial electrical devices and so it is cheaper to use these mass produced items.

Safety concerns could spell end for ‘magenta line’

NOAA is charting a new course for boaters using the Intracoastal Waterway

Kiwi Spirit trims down for record attempt

Lyman Morse readies boat for Stanley Paris' try for solo glory

Better technology, better charts

NOAA's new autonomous underwater vehicle maps the sea floor off New Hampshire

Wounded warriors taking to the wind

Annapolis regatta will bring out some of the nation's injured veterans for a day under sail

Ten ways to save money on boat insurance

Since marine insurance is not regulated like other types of insurance, prices can vary widely. Getting the best coverage for the best value takes a bit of homework. Let's take a look at 10 ways you can begin saving.

Ice threatens yachts in Northwest Passage

The pack is closing in on more than 20 vessels that are still in the Canadian Arctic

Drone's eye view of voyaging

Arctic voyagers use their quadcopter drone to get video of the boat Teleport

Thames parade

The 12 boats participating in the 2013-14 Clipper Round the World Race departed London in style

Power voyager storm tactics

A storm tactics question and an answer from the Nordhavn 120 somewhere in the North Pacific

Mega quadrant from Edson

This fitting is a little larger than the quadrant found in most lazarettes

Father and son team wins the Fastnet

Pascal and Alexis Loison become the first doublehanded team to win

“In Hawaii, hurricanes hardly happen”

Apologies to George Bernard Shaw, and Lerner and Loewe for the title. But, in fact, hurricanes are not that common in Hawaii, despite the location of the island state in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet and solidly in the tropical latitudes.

Circumnavigator pilots robot subs

ON contributing editor Jeff Williams drives ROVs on board NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer

GPS firms facing LightSquared suit

Critics say the proposed network could have created coverage holes for coastal navigation

Fife classic Kentra stunning at 90

Fairlie Yachts assists in the restoration and celebration

Nordhavn 120 in big seas

Even a 120 foot power voyager can get bounced a bit by rough conditions

Change in the air for distress calls

Coast Guard no longer monitoring voice frequency 2182 kHz for international distress and safety

Rocky end for Astrid?

Salvagers are determining if the grounding is the last chapter in the tall ship's colorful history

Bluetooth on board

Recently I purchased my first iPad and joined the mobile wireless tablet revolution.

Top finishers determined in 2013 Transpac

Dorade, which finished first in 1936, wins again in 47th edition of the race

Voyager's tribute to a weather routing icon

A sailor says thanks to Herb Hilgenberg who provided 25 years of free weather routing info via HF SSB

Scottish island disappears

Google Maps mistakenly obliterates the island of Jura

Sun finally shines on PlanetSolar

Solar-powered cat heads back to sea to resume its Gulf Stream research

Don't let this boating opportunity slip by

Dock space will never be a problem if you buy what this yacht club is selling

Voyaging boat makes landfall

Abandoned in mid-Atlantic, Running Free finds its own way to land

NV charts releases nav app

Jeanne Socrates sets solo record

British sailor Jeanne Socrates finishes a solo, non-stop circumnavigation

Japanese tsunami affected Norwegian fjords

Tsunami off Japan in March 2011 observed in Norway, showing how distant events can affect sea level

Massive search fails to find schooner

No sign of the 85-year-old schooner Nina has turned up in waters between New Zealand and Australia

Do small outboards prefer avgas?

Small outboards can struggle with the ethanol in regular gasoline. Aviation gasoline is the solution according to one mechanic.

Finding deviation from a sun line

A good way to check compass deviation on a heading is to use the azimuth value from our sight reduction every time we do a sun site.

Future navigation: using pulsars as GPS

What will future space vessels use for navigation? One study suggests pulsars as an interstellar GPS

B&G with aircraft style display for SailSteer

Data-rich SailSteer graphic is similar to aircraft cockpit displays

An invitation to swim with the sharks

Sail to Cancun and get in the water with some really big sharks

Fast start for Marion Bermuda

The race got underway in 18-22 knots in Buzzards Bay

First experience with a cruising cat

A monohull sailor tries out a multihull in the Pacific's Society Islands

Gulf Stream weather

I have heard the following quote many times from those who voyage in the Atlantic: “The Gulf Stream makes its own weather.” There is some truth to this statement in a couple of different ways.

Celestial navigator readies for Marion Race

A look at Marion/Bermuda racer Ron Wisner and his preparations for navigating the race via celestial

Color reveals 1952 wreck

NOAA uses sonar to check on the position of a shipwreck in San Francisco Bay near the Golden Gate

iNavX marine navigation app

Perry nears completion

The sail training vessel Oliver Hazard Perry is slated for a July 4th "Dedication Weekend"

Cool Coast Guard museum exhibit?

The ultimate USCG museum experience calls for a few thousand gallons of water and some big fans

ON Award at Trawler Fest

The winners of the ON Award at Trawler Fest in Anacortes

Morris offers stand up paddle board with M46

For those buyers on the fence, the addition of a Morris Yachts paddle board might help

Beta version of MyNOAACharts

NOAA is launching an android-based tablet app for using its nautical charts

Summer Sailstice turns 13

A worldwide sailing event on June 22

Weather satellite gear failure

NOAA's GOES East weather satellite has problems with its imaging equipment

A crisp delivery

While many sailors are enjoying summerlike weather by mid-May, a delivery in New England can be brisk

An exclusive club

Gerry Hughes completes a circumnavigation on his Beneteau 42s7 and sets an unusual record

21st Century Marine Network Standard NMEA 2000

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) 2000 Marine Network Standard is a big enabling factor driving the ongoing trend toward onboard networking of electronic systems

More AMVER sailor saves

Voyagers in the Pacific and Atlantic are picked up by AMVER program ships

South Atlantic passage

Voyaging couple Jim and Jeannie Foley have a crewmember aboard for a trip from Brazil to South Africa

The ultimate reward?

A USCG search and rescue team gets the satisfaction of a job well done... and cookies

Misled by celestial nav diagrams?

Do the ways we visualize celestial navigation concepts mislead us?

Admiralty anti-piracy charts

Two new security charts join the Admiralty's anti-piracy suite

Sea anchor tested for NASA capsule

Fiorentino recently completed sea anchor tests for use on NASA's Orion space craft after splashdown

Norway Cruising Guide hits lucky seven

Voyaging authorities John Harries and Phyllis Nickel have just released the seventh edition of their Norway cruising guide

Hard dodger building logistics

When we first drew up some plans for the aluminum dodger we happened to be located on the southern end of the Baja Peninsula, in the Sea of Cortez — in the vicinity of La Paz.

Dutch tall ship for Omani Navy

The age of sail may be over, but a few tall ships still slide off the ways

Will cuts to weather education affect forecasts?

Budget shortfalls in the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research's COMET Program might hamper weather forecasts

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