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Ocean Navigator

Vendee Globe- two weeks in.

Off to a typical start- winners and losers emerge.

State to back Oliver Hazard Perry funding

Ocean Voyager

Thirty years later, a Flyer crew reunion

Web Exclusive

Sandy’s left hook

The Coriolis effect tends to make storms curve to the right in the northern hemisphere. So why did Hurricane Sandy make a left turn?

Kiwi Spirit shakedown cruise a success

Stanley Paris takes boat from Newport to Bermuda on first ocean passage

Nav aid returns after Sandy damage

Aids to navigation crew replaces light tower in New Jersey

Northern and southern star trails

A cool video shows the apparent motion of stars in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

New rules for Marion Bermuda Race

2013 race will allow for larger vessels, sail inventory changes, sail training vessels and more

Scientists fail to find South Pacific Island

Scientists on a research vessel in the South Pacific find an island on Google Maps, but not in the ocean

Vendee Globe- two weeks in.

Off to a typical start- winners and losers emerge.

Odd case of the Argonaut sinking

Survivor's story of voyaging boat sinking is questioned by family of missing builder/owner

Sea trial celebration

Dr. Stanley Paris arrives in Newport after successful sea trial of Kiwi Spirit

Sandy boatyard damage

Video by Boat US of hurricane damage to boats in Staten Island and New Jersey

AIS antenna splitter

Occasionally I run across a product that so impresses me that I take the time to thoroughly research it and then pass on my conclusions to you. The Si-Tex Metadata AIS Antenna Splitter is one of these exceptional products

Tall ship takes shape

Oliver Hazard Perry will be Rhode Island's official sail training vessel

Vendee Globe starts November 10

The world's greatest ocean race

Socrates solo effort threatened by calm

Solo circumnavigation effort may be scotched by lack of wind in San Francisco Bay

Apple store afloat?

A yacht partially designed by Steve Jobs was launched recently in the Netherlands

Bounty EPIRB outlives 48 hour specs

The 406 EPIRB that was instrumental in the rescue of the Bounty survivors is still broadcasting in the Atlantic

Intriguing Hurricane Sandy animation

An animated compilation of the various NOAA/NWS forecast maps for Hurricane Sandy

First sail for SpeedDream prototype

SpeedDream team sails scale version of boat for breaking monohull speed record

Bounty replica sinks off Hatteras

The full rigged ship replica of HMS Bounty sank in hurricane conditions some crew missing

Coast Guard helicopter lased off Hawaii

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crew has been forced to land after a laser made contact with their aircraft

A useful canvas bucket from old sails

Call me a pack rat, but I hate throwing anything away that could still have some use aboard. My husband David uses old line to make ocean plait rugs. I use old jacklines to keep jerry jugs firmly in place on deck and also as hoists when making courtesy flags. So when it came time to buy a new mainsail, I couldn't just throw the old one away.

Dutch team wins leg 2 of Nord Stream Race

Sailing Swan 60s the Dutch teams takes the overall lead

The Anchor Shop

Dropping anchor on the subject of mooring tackle led to this rather cheesy parody

Wind songs

Music and creak of the rigging go together - a look at songs in the key of sea

Airliner spots offshore sailor in distress

Timely action and a borrowed pair of binoculars lead to an offshore rescue

GOES-13 on the disabled list, GOES-14 called into service

The GOES satellites occupy geo-stationary orbits around the earth, which means they orbit the earth at the same speed at which the earth rotates.

Drone studies TS Nadine

Gathering data on the formation of a tropical storm in the Atlantic

Portland to become schooner haven?

Ocean Classroom is moving its headquarters and will overhaul boats in Portland

Chuck Husick Technology Award 2012

Co-winners share the second annual Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award

AC World Series: Spithill Shines

Oracle Team USA's skipper Jimmy Spithall leaving everyone in his dust

Wi-Fi on board, part III

Electronic riches in Orlando

Judging the Technology Award at the National Marine Electronics convention means making some tough choices

A Rising Sun and rain in the forecast

Rich or poor, when it rains we all get stuck below deck.

Tall tails

Of all the thousands of books on ocean crossing adventures, one stands out as the strangest voyage of all time.

AC World Series: Jazz on an Autumn Day

Stunning America's Cup and AC World Series television action is in store thanks to the improvisational mind of Stan Honey.

Most northerly Northwest Passage

Three sailors have completed the first sailing passage through Canada's M'Clure Strait

Standing by for the arrival of a second sun

Rising Sun, said to be the sixth largest, private yacht in the world, will be visiting sometime this month

MOD70 European Tour 2012

What one-design ocean racing looks like

New CeMA facility plans

Clean eMarine Americas announces plans to build a new production facility in St. Petersburg, FL

Musandam-Oman Sail takes the lead, for now

An update to the current standings of the MOD-70's as they close in on the second leg of the 2012 European Tour

Updated ICW guide

Leslie and John Kettlewell release a revised edition of ICW guide

Loss of an ocean voyager

Experienced ocean sailor and Ocean Navigator contributor Ned Cabot dies at sea

Beached Crowe

Russell Crowe, and friend, rescued by USCG near Long Island

Divers gather video at Aegean wreck site

Two San Diego men look deeper into the Aegean sinking during Newport-Ensenada Race

Reason to refit

A Nator's Swan 90, Kora 5, is refit and relaunched

Tropical Storm Alert: USVI & Puerto Rico

An update from the USCG on Port Condition status for Tropical Storm Isaac

2012 NSHOF Induction

The National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame announces its 2012 Inductees and also awards posthumous honors

GPS testing to result in Hawaii outages

GPS testing in the Hawaiian Islands will be taking place for the next three weeks

Hot summer, cold topic

For most folks in the continental U.S., 2012 has featured one of the hottest summers on record. So it may seem a little unusual at this time of year to focus on the topic of sea ice.

ABYC updates standards

Condensed information from recent ABYC press release

Always ask for ID

Thief makes off with two boats, collectively worth $150,000

Thought you had a busy weekend?

USCG, with help from good samaritans, is able to rescue more than a dozen people in one weekend

Team efforts are a life saver

72-year-old man rescued off shores of Hawaii

Hurricane season might pack extra kick

NOAA projects an increase in major storms this season

First Cruise for Life a success

The First Annual Cruise for Life celebration and fundraiser is a great success

Proper radio etiquette

The rise of handheld VHF has meant that mariners have radios with them at nearly all times for line of sight communication. But many mariners don’t use proper radio etiquette.

SWAZIK sails to first

Recap of the 2012 Pacific Cup

NMEA to introduce OneNet

NMEA has announced a new system for utilizing NMEA 2000 via Ethernet

New A-Series Multifunction Displays

All in a day's work

Francis Joyon breaks solo world record

Is LED deck caulk the next trend?

Image gallery of a new Dykstra and Claydon Reeves concept

Star Walk App

A sea mount lurking

Royal Navy survey ship discovers massive mount in the Red Sea.

SPOT used in two recent TowBoatUS cases

Wi-Fi on board, part II

Rally friends save catamaran

When a boat in the WorldArc rally drags anchor and is holed, fellow sailors save the day

First Krys Ocean Race finishes

Less than five days across the Atlantic for these 70-foot trimarans

Report from VicMaui Race

Skipper David Sutcliffe provides an onboard report from Kinetic

Titanic dinner with James Cameron

Impressions of a special dinner to commemorate Titanic held in Santa Ana, Calif.

Attack on cruising couple in Panama

Cruisers in Panama's Boca del Toro region come under attack

Americans rescue Austrian in English Channel

A voyaging couple save a drifting fisherman headed for the open Atlantic

Navy interested in laser flares

Recall the grisly final scene in the movie Dead Calm involving a flare gun? Picture the bright flares firing briefly over the doomed Titanic.

Fast passage across the pond

Five 70-foot multihulls will race transatlantic from NYC to Brest in the Krys Ocean Race

Intriguing plug for ocean exploration

Infographic says we're focused more on space than our oceans

Unlikely rescue at sea

An intriguing example of expertise, perseverance and good luck

Suspected link between hoax distress calls

Two hoax distress calls in New Jersey and Texas may be connected, Coast Guard officials say

Wi-Fi on board, part I

Sea turtles outpace Clipper race boats

You're not making much headway when you look over the side and a sea turtle passing you. That is where the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race sailors recently found themselves on the Oakland to Panama leg

New anchors coming from the Spade folks

Docking strategies

Changing EPIRB battery causes loss of registration

Nobeltec and Taylor Marine Announce Partnership

How to take an 80-foot mast under a 65-foot bridge

U.S. Sailing appoints review panel after sailors are lost

Bronze? Still?

Landing pads are in

Scottish crew rows to magnetic pole

Entries set for Global Ocean Race

Sea users and marine interest groups to decide conservation zones

Anchored boat cancels Fort Walton fireworks

Ex-hostages plan on sailing trip to Caribbean

Hurricane Irene closes canal systems