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Power voyaging near knockdown

Power voyaging near knockdown

We bought a strong, ocean-capable voyaging boat. We chose Dirona, a Nordhavn 52, not because we were convinced we would voyage ‘round the world, but because we wanted the flexibility to be able to go anywhere in the world if we wanted.

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Dinghy dynamics

When you arrive in a new harbor or cove and anchor or pick up a mooring, you have established a temporary waterfront residence. I like to think of your trawler as your home afloat, which means your tender is your car.

Wanderer’s water

The freshwater system on your power voyager probably ranks in importance right behind your fuel and electrical systems.

Steering straight

The hydraulic steering installed on your power voyaging boat is one of the most reliable systems aboard.

Engine essentials

Familiarity with the heart of your power voyaging boat, your engine, is the best way to enjoy cruising with confidence. Spending thousands of offshore miles training with clients has helped me outline some key points to focus on so that each owner can “dial-in” the essentials of their engines.

Voyaging gensets

A look at the steady improvement of marine generators

Ready to answer all bells

How engine maintenance routines on a Coast Guard cutter can be applied to ocean voyaging boats

Sizing a crane for dinghy handling

Their dinghy exploration of the coral reefs over, it was time to get the dinghy back on board. The cable was hooked up to the lifting harness and the dinghy began to rise out of the water.

Entries set for Global Ocean Race

Getting off the ground

Ocean Classroom program receives sail training award

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