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Alarming considerations

Alarming considerations

Every morning, I awaken to Hawaiian music that provides me with a smooth transition from deep sleep to facing the day. This sure is more pleasant than the shrill alarm that used to scare me awake and have my heart pumping.

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Common senses cruising

What is that? That’s a new and different smell/sound/vibration/leak … something doesn’t seem right. What happened?

Where are you most vulnerable?

This is the second of a two-part series on making sure you have the spares you need for your power voyaging boat.

Trawler hand tools

One frequent question I hear from my trawler clients is, “What hand tools should I have on board?”

Get technical with your trawler

A big part of successfully owning and operating a power voyaging boat is dealing with engines and systems.

A trip to the ER: Part 2

Like all good chores, your ER checks should follow a routine and be consistent.

A trip to the ER: Part 1

In part one of a two-part piece, Jeff Merrill examines the importance of making regular engine room checks and how to set a system to catch the most important information.

Fuel to burn

Heading out to sea for an extended-range passage requires careful planning.

Glory, an electric original

It’s a stretch to call a 30-foot launch a power voyaging boat, but David Berson’s plucky vessel has had a long and reliable career moving people in the waters of Greenport, N.Y.

Keeping current

Previously we touched on some of the details involving staying in charge of your trawler’s 12V DC battery bank system. The next step is to develop a working understanding of how your ship’s 120V system is designed and installed to help ensure you keep current with your AC power demands.

In charge

The battery bank on your trawler is the foundation for your ship’s electrical system and is equally important at rest or under way.

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Events & Seminars

31st SSCA Annapolis Gam


Cruising the Chesapeake this fall? Enjoy three fun-filled days of cruising seminars, activities and camaraderie at Camp Letts, located on the Rhode...

American Yacht Club Leukemia Cup Regatta


The LLS Leukemia Cup Regatta campaign is a thrilling series of sailing events that combine the joy of boating with the important task of raising...

TrawlerFest Bay Bridge Boat Show

TrawlerFest Bay Bridge Boat Show


TRAWLERFEST BAY BRIDGE 2017 TrawlerFest returns to the Cheseapeake Bay! Join us for the Nation's best in-water display of cruising seminars...

Harvest Moon Regatta


With the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey becoming clear, the Harvest Moon Regatta® Committee has had to reevaluate the ability of LYC...