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Are you over-propped?

Are you over-propped?

Before heading out on a long multi-year trip, you might want to consider taking a good look at your propeller.

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Get set for splicing

One of the handiest little skills that I’ve picked up along the way has been splicing: three-strand, rope/chain and braided.

New ON video series

The Voyaging Tips video series kicks off with a look at propane and how to use it safely

Turning a boat in its own length

One of the useful things we’ve learned while voyaging is a technique called torque turns.

The Achilles’ heel of hydraulic steering systems

Any steering system is just that — a system. Each part has to work with all the others for the whole system to work.

Getting out of sticky situations: 15 tapes to have on board

Boats, whether power or sail, are constructed using fiberglass, metals, woods, composites, wire, hoses, fabrics and many more materials. And, because they are boats, there is one steadfast rule: things break.

Extend your cruising age

After 16 years of cruising full time and some 55,000 miles under the keel, we certainly do not have the strength and stamina that we started out with in 1997.

Applying lettering to a dinghy

We just renewed our boat insurance and one evening, when I had too much time on my hands, I decided to actually read the new policy. I came across a clause that stated that the theft of the dinghy was only covered if the name of the vessel was clearly and permanently marked on it.

Demystifying your life raft — or, getting to know it step by step

In a recent issue of Ocean Navigator we ran an article by Michelle Elvy and Behan Gifford on the challenges faced by voyagers in getting their life rafts properly inspected and repacked when they are outside of North America.

Dockside safety

Most of the time when we get back to the dock we feel pretty safe. We are safely tied up and shore is within just a few feet so how could there be any danger?

The right stuff

With a little imagination, voyagers can find jury rig supplies just about anywhere