Cents and sensibility

Cents and sensibility

It’s not just the size of your voyaging fund, but also your ability to improvise


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Dockside safety

Most of the time when we get back to the dock we feel pretty safe. We are safely tied up and shore is within just a few feet so how could there be any danger?

The right stuff

With a little imagination, voyagers can find jury rig supplies just about anywhere

Installing an exhaust temperature alarm

Before we left on our six-year circumnavigation, we spent a year commissioning the boat and never once thought about the benefits of an exhaust temperature alarm.

Galley countertop replacement

A live-aboard sailboat’s galley is the most-used area on the vessel. Having just completed a world circumnavigation with the previous owners, our Formica countertop and fittings were looking quite tired. Rather than replace the Formica — we considered it old school — we went with Corian.

Preparing for storms at sea

If we have time to prepare and a lot of sea room, Nine of Cups, our Liberty 458 cutter, handles the rough weather pretty well

Fighting topside leaks

Those of us northern sailors who have been out cruising in southern waters for a while know that leaks around ports, chain-plates and other deck fittings can be real pains in the neck

Pumps and priorities

Keeping unwanted water out of the hull is the first principle of staying afloat.

Info and entertainment at sea

Long bluewater passages can be daunting, for seasoned hands as well as for sailors venturing into their first major offshore adventure.

Many uses for a digital camera

Testing and equalizing batteries

In a typical cruising boat, life is hard for the batteries. They are often discharged to 50 percent or less of full charge and rarely, if ever, fully recharged.