September/October 2019

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Ocean Navigator

Disney heir rescues friend and rival in Transpac Race

The grandnephew of Walt Disney abandoned the 50th running of the Transpac to save the crew of a rival sailboat taking on water 200 miles from land.

Stranded French sailor rescued

Crew aboard a Turkish containership rescued a French sailor whose yacht, Saturn, struck a submerged object some 1,000 miles from the U.S. mainland.

Marion Bermuda Race

The 22nd running of the Marion Bermuda Race saw 41 boats entered and reach the starting line on Friday, June 14.

Golden Globe and Whitbread races to return

The solo nonstop around-the-world Golden Globe Race will return in 2022 after a grueling 2018-19 contest in which just five competitors finished.

Diagram helps students visualize celestial navigation

Sometime celestial navigation teacher James Austin provided us with this diagram he devised to help his students when he taught celestial navigation.

North Sails founder Lowell North dies at 89

Lowell North, a two-time Olympic medalist who also founded one of the world’s premier sailmakers, died June 2 at home in San Diego.

Video captures sailboat lightning strike

It’s often said lightning never strikes twice, and that’s probably a good thing for Drew Plominski and his 30-foot sloop, Perseverance.

Another use for nautical charts

Nautical charts have long been used for decoration, often as framed posters or wood carvings. For the last 16 years, Steve Morris has been thinking on a much larger scale.

New management for emergency radio network

The International Boat Watch Network dedicated to sharing important safety messages over amateur radio has new management.

Sailing coach avoids jail in admission scandal

The former Stanford University sailing coach has avoided prison for his role in the high-profile college admissions cheating scandal.

Supernavigators: Exploring the Wonder of How Animals Find Their Way

When Cole Porter wrote, “And this is why birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it,” he was referring to falling in love.

Rogue AIS units

Along with GPS, one of the biggest advances in marine electronics has been the automatic identification system (AIS), which has made collision avoidance a much easier proposition.

Prop shaft alignment

Nearly all marine engines are designed to be adjustable, to a point, relative to the propeller shaft by using adjustment or jacking nuts on their motor mounts.

Glassing Windora

“Not possible! In one day? If you think you are going to do that, I want to be there.” So Mick, a professional boatbuilder, joined 19 other friends at 8 a.m. one autumn morning to put two layers of 650-gram, double-bias cloth onto the upright hull of our full-keel, 43-foot wooden ketch Windora.

Atlantic tropical cyclone development

It’s late summer and time for the leery eye to glance toward a rectangle in the North Atlantic, its west flank running from Florida southeast to the Lesser Antilles, the eastern flank along the northwestern African coast, their ends linked by latitudes of about 5° and 20° N.

Power voyaging around Vancouver Island

We’re halfway around our 800-mile circumnavigation of Vancouver Island on board our Symbol 57, Solstice.

Worst weather challenges

Last summer, in the middle of our second Pacific Ocean crossing, my husband, Seth, and I realized that we had sailed 50,000 sea miles.

Safety rests on preparation

While cruising near Valdez, Alaska, aboard our full-time home, Salish Aire, a 1996 Nordhavn 46, we had a chance to appreciate the advantages of emergency open-radio communications when we responded to a life-threatening emergency aboard a neighboring boat.

Safety harnesses, tethers and jack lines

When one is sailing overnight, be it offshore or coastwise, it’s important to take extra safety precautions.

Celestial navigation series, part eight

In this installment, we’ll cover running fixes and the hierarchy of positions from dead reckoning position to multiple simultaneous lines of position fixes.

Problem 1: Sun sight

This problem is a sun sight that can be reduced to an LOP.

Anchor chain swivels

Recently, there has been a good deal of interest in swivels placed between one’s anchor and chain.

September/October Issue 257: Vagabonding under sail

While he is best remembered as the designer of a host of famous yachts including the Westsail, Pacific Seacraft, Cabo Rico, Dana 24 and Columbia, English-born W.I.B. Crealock (1920-2009) began his love affair with sailboats in 1948 when he and three friends sailed from England to British Guiana.

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