September 2013

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Ocean Navigator

A final star to Bermuda

It was 0430 and the question was: Do you know where your boat is?

Jeanne Socrates completes solo, non-stop circumnavigation

Whaleboat expedition to Mystic

Sailing legend passes

Deer Isle’s Undefeated America’s Cup Crews

Voyaging Under Power – Fourth Edition

Speed machines

The pressure of competition often pushes forward overall boat design and system development.

Is pod propulsion a viable choice?

Podded propulsion has been around for some time in the commercial world, but how effective is this type of drive setup for power voyaging boats? Ocean Navigator contributing editor Twain Braden reports on the pod drive approach.

Young ocean racer hooked on sailing

Although my dad, Rick Higgins, had sailed in the previous two Marion Bermuda Races, participating in the race myself was the last thing I pictured doing. Then, I had a sudden change of heart.

More on the free surface effect

Franklin’s Gulf Stream charts saved America

To the editor: With the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, it became abundantly clear that a huge military advantage would belong to the side that knew how to faster navigate the Atlantic.

Adding a hull identification number

Two tricky passages

On our circumnavigation aboard our Montevideo 43, Bahati, we found there were four particularly tricky passages.

Keeping watch from a distance

Imagine yourself at work when your cell phone rings. It’s your boat calling to tell you the high water alarm has just gone off. A quick call to your dock master and a loose air conditioner hose is soon fixed. Or perhaps it is 0200 and your boat calls to tell you the aft deck laser beam has just been breached and the side deck door has been opened. You quickly key in a code that will disable the engine and all electronics.

Marine networking evolution

It was a heady atmosphere during the 1957 New York Boat Show. The buzzwords were “automotive styling” for boats: prominent space age fins, curved windshields, and chrome. Meanwhile a Raytheon 1700 radar cost just $2,195. What proved the most important development of all, however, was that a group of marine electronics dealers desiring a unified voice formed the National Marine Electronics Association.

An ocean ill-defined

In 2006, I was in the kitchen when I learned from an NPR broadcast that the International Astronomical Union redefined “planet” and that Pluto no longer qualified. I’d reached my late 30s secure in my understanding of three fundamental geographic certainties I learned in school: nine planets, seven continents, four oceans. Now Pluto was no longer one of the planets in our solar system. I took a deep breath and resolved to move on: eight planets, seven continents, four oceans — got it.

September 2013 Issue 212: A hellish delivery

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