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1. 2013 Chuck Husick Marine Technology Awards
The year 2013 was another year of great marine technology products. Some of those products were nominated by our panel of judges for consideration for the Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award, named for the late Ocean Navigator contributing editor who had a comprehensive grasp of and was a great advocate for marine technology.
article 7 %
2. 2015 Chuck Husick Award Nominees & Winner
The master list of nominated products for the 2015 Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award and the final winner as determined by our panel of judges
article 7 %
3. Adding a hull identification number article 7 %
4. A fog of regulation
You’ve finally crossed the border into Florida after more than 700 statute miles of Intracoastal Waterway cruising and your mind begins to wander to thoughts of that upcoming Gulf Stream crossing to the Bahamas.
article 63 %
5. A harbor to ride it out
A voyager looks at the value of a home port in times of crisis
article 63 %
6. All backed up?
Most voyagers depend on an array of digital assets, from the basics like email, the Internet and assorted important documents, to more nautical essentials like charts, weather information and cruising guides.
article 63 %
7. Alternative Bottom Paint Study Published article 61 %
8. Anchor connection wrinkle article 61 %
9. Anchor designer Alain Poiraud deceased article 61 %
10. Anchored boat cancels Fort Walton fireworks article 61 %
11. Anchoring rights subject of hearing in St. Augustine article 61 %
12. Anchor test in the Chesapeake
In August 2014, Fortress Anchors conducted scientific anchor testing in the Chesapeake, utilizing the 81-foot research vessel Rachel Carson owned by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
article 61 %
13. Anchor wars article 61 %
14. Anonymous distress messages hamstring Coast Guard article 7 %
15. A tale of two lists
Remember when you used to read those magazine articles about voyaging off into the sunset to get away from it all?
article 63 %
16. A true number two anchor
Want to start an instant argument in a waterfront bar? Just bring up anchors and anchoring and you’ll regret changing the topic from politics.
article 63 %
17. Automatic weather service article 7 %
18. Balanced solar power article 7 %
19. Beat the heat article 61 %
20. Benefits of a bow eye
Many, if not most, long-range power voyaging yachts utilize all-chain anchor rodes, or at a minimum a long length of chain backed up by nylon so that the majority of the time the boat is secured by nothing but chain.
article 63 %
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