Building by the book

Building by the book

To Capt. Richard Bailey, it looked like a scene from the movie “Brazil” — partially assembled bulkheads bursting with tubes, wires, ducts and hydraulic hoses, “things just hanging randomly from walls.” But it’s all part of the plan for the tall ship Oliver Hazard Perry, rising from a Rhode Island shipyard and scheduled to set sail this summer as the largest civilian training vessel in North America.


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Dr. Paris on Kiwi Spirit aims to break the solo nonstop circumnavigation record set by Dodge Morgan on American Promise

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Environment Canada reports that after decades of warming, the Northwest Passage is experiencing 60 percent more Arctic sea ice this year than at the same time last year.

Staying clear of piracy

Voyagers looking west from Australia at an Indian Ocean crossing can choose to go under Africa or over it: either around the Cape of Good Hope, or through the Red Sea and Mediterranean.

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Three sailors were rescued 28 miles east of the St. Johns River in Florida after their 30-foot sailing vessel, Second Wind, was disabled and sustained sail damage.

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A variety of situations with the potential for going aground have arisen during the last 41 years of cruising, 15 of those years full time living aboard our 47-foot ketch Carricklee.

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At the time of the dismasting, solo sailor Daniel Collins was en route from Marathon, Fla., to Bermuda on the first leg of what he calls “The Oddasea Project” a planned circumnavigation.