October 2011

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Ocean Navigator

Marine Technology Award

Giving a centerboard a lift

Simple tips for improving your centerboard lifting mechanism can make operating much easier.

October 2011 Issue 197: Carleton Mitchell and Finisterre

Upgrading Yanmar oil pressure gauge and sender

While crossing the bar on the Clarence River in New South Wales, Australia, in 2007, the reading on our oil pressure gauge dropped to zero.

Oyster 625: A superyacht fit into a little more than 60 feet

A unique custom design for racing and fast voyaging

Southerly 47: A solid voyager with swing keel flexibility

Vision 450: High-end catamaran cruiser

The lonely isles

Our decision to visit the Chatham Islands was not made until the very last minute. Having taken advantage of a second summer season cruising in New Zealand, we were finishing up a circumnavigation of the country.

Calming noisy waters

Sailing voyagers interested in the health of the oceans are likely to think they should sail more and use their engine less.

AIS towing question

Learning the island ways

For a moment we were confused; we had arrived in the lagoon just the day before. “It’s for the tourists,” said a Polynesian woman weaving palm fronds around the posts of a beach shelter.

Benefits of a bow eye

Many, if not most, long-range power voyaging yachts utilize all-chain anchor rodes, or at a minimum a long length of chain backed up by nylon so that the majority of the time the boat is secured by nothing but chain.

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