Ocean Voyager 2019

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Ocean Voyager

Bluewater Gear: Stretching out a circumnavigation

Bob and Sue Dall set out to circle the globe in three years, and years later they are still happily making their way around the world.

Not indestructible

The broker representing the 60-foot vessel was dumbfounded. “How could that be?” he asked. “They are stainless steel, and stainless steel doesn’t rust.”

Reducing oil waste

Most cruisers I know dutifully change their mineral engine oil every 100 to 150 engine hours as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The other engine maintenance

A lot has been written about maintaining a diesel engine.

Offshore Safety: Voyaging family style

Erik and Emily Orton moved their small family of four to New York City straight out of college for Erik to pursue a career in the Broadway theater industry.

How the ocean affects weather

Ocean voyagers want the most accurate forecasts they can get.

Abandon-ship bags

Prior to any offshore passage, the captain of the vessel readying to head offshore should bring the crew together for a safety briefing.

Security for sailors

While focusing on the dream of sailing away to exotic ports and having the most fun imaginable, many mariners overlook the concerns of crime at sea.

Voyaging Skills: Adding family members along the way

Alisa Abookire and Mike Litzow, aboard their 37-foot Crealock, Pelagic, sailed out of Kodiak, Alaska, in June 2007 bound for Australia.

Cruising currency

Money makes the world go ‘round, and if you’re already cruising or just planning your waterway adventure, it’s one of the necessary pieces of gear you’ll need to keep you afloat!

Taking the plunge

Ten years ago, who could have foreseen I would be voyaging the world with a young family aboard?

Strategies for family life on board

Jess Llyod-Mostyn's advice for cruising with kids aboard

Products that work for us

Life jackets, harnesses, clothing and more

From ocean to space

Apparently Jim Lovell and Frank Borman had just a horrible time floating around the Earth for 14 days in 1965 on the Gemini VII mission.

Fiddler's Green

Notable mariners who passed away in 2018

From the Taffrail: Talking dolphins and Jimi Hendrix

Had I known, I would have asked more questions of my family before making my first ocean passage and experiencing seasickness along with the powerful medication often used to combat it.

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