Ocean Voyager 2018

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Ocean Voyager

Bluewater Gear: A life spent at sea

Peter Smith was born in 1947 in New Zealand, and he has been a keen sailor since his kindergarten days.

Primary fuel filtration

The mission of a primary fuel filter is to capture, separate and store contaminants, be they biological, asphalt or water based.

Why marine-related filters?

Contrary to popular belief, the marine label isn’t just an excuse by the manufacturer to charge a premium — there are genuine and critical differences.

The makings of a bluewater boat

One of the oldest debates in the sailing community surrounds the essential features of a bluewater boat.

List of survey boats

A full list of the boats examined in "The makings of a bluewater boat."

Resolving the repower question

Our boat Astarte is a Moody 422 built in 1987, and it still has its original engine — a Perkins 4-108.

Offshore Safety: Circumnavigators plan and practice for safety

Jack and Zdenka Griswold have been sailing together for more than 20 years.

Emergency sutures in a seaway

The last thing a voyager wants is a medical problem while underway.

Suturing instruments

Weather satellite to improve forecasts

Satellite observation of the atmosphere has been a powerful tool for meteorologists since the first weather satellite was placed into orbit in the late 1950s.

Immersion suits reconsidered

When provisioning for a circumnavigation in late 2006, Nat Warren-White did something a little unusual.

Voyaging Skills: An educational adventure

Phil Nance originally grew up in Charleston, S.C., and spent most of his childhood and early 20s messing about in boats.

Preparing for the Indian Ocean

Cruising for over two years in the tropics of Southeast Asia has wilted our sea legs.

Plan ahead for food flexibility

For anyone preparing to take the plunge of becoming an ocean voyager, you should seek out as much practical help as you can.

Fiddler's Green

From the Taffrail: The Triangle

When I was young, the Bermuda Triangle always seemed to be making headlines in the news.

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