Ocean Voyager 2014

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Ocean Voyager

Bluewater Gear interview

Keeping the mission critical pieces working

Satphone communications

Options for staying connected while voyaging

Wireless Internet

One voyaging boat’s solution to getting connected

Getting the water out

Offshore boats need a complete bilge pumping system

Offshore Safety interview

From idea to plan to circumnavigation

Tropical storm and hurricane info

Where to find it and how to use it

Non-pyrotechnic signaling lights

An alternative to burning flares

The hazard landscape

Health, safety and security strategies in port

Voyaging Skills interview

Not even halfway around yet

The right stuff

With a little imagination, voyagers can find jury rig supplies just about anywhere

Boat buying tips

Even experienced buyers are better served by using a systematic approach

Fiddler's Green

Santa to Nassau

A voyager delivers presents to the Bahamas without a magic sled

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