Ocean Voyager 2013

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Ocean Voyager

Bluewater Gear interview

A voyaging family refitting their boat on the fly

Reducing radio noise and interference

How to get better HF radio performance for offshore communications

How often have you heard a voyager complain that every time they try to use their SSB, it kills their autopilot?

Emergency refrigeration repair

Patching a system until you can get to an HVAC technician

If your refrigerator/freezer quits while you are in U.S. waters, only a properly licensed refrigeration technician who has the required equipment (refrigerant recovery system, vacuum pump, etc.) may legally service your system.

Hardened protection

Designing and installing an aluminum hard dodger

We had experienced enough gale-force winds and large seas on board our Tayana 37 cutter Anna to know that a bit of protection while standing watch in an open cockpit makes life a lot easier.

Offshore safety interview

For a voyaging family, offshore safety goes beyond mere equipment

Medical risk management

Offshore voyaging requires skills at both assessing situations and using practical techniques

Risk management and offshore voyaging may be a contradiction in terms to most people.

Pumps and priorities

Voyagers need serious dewatering capacity to respond to rapid flooding

Keeping unwanted water out of the hull is the first principle of staying afloat.

Voyaging skills interview

Norwegian couple start a family while circumnavigating

Heidi and Eivind Bogerud sailed from Norway July 3, 2005, aboard their Bavaria 42, Empire.

A shaft rebuild afloat

Prop shaft repair tests voyaging couple’s ingenuity

Many sailors describe voyaging as “fixing boats in exotic places.” More often than we’d like to admit, this is accurate.

A jury-rigged rudder

Voyagers and villagers band together to devise temporary steering

Sharon and Vaughn Hampton and their crew, Dan Knierlemen, left the Galápagos on their boat, Reality, a 1982 51-foot Ta-Yang FD-12, bound for the Marquesas.

Fiddler's Green

Notable mariners who passed away in 2012

Notable mariners who passed away in 2012

Tapping into 20-something power

A circumnavigator finds that energetic young sailors add energy and chutzpah to a voyaging crew

When Bahati, my Montevideo 43, landed on Christmas Island, the first stop in our 2010 Indian Ocean crossing, I had three 29-year-old crewmembers on board, all male.

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