Ocean Voyager 2012

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Ocean Voyager

All’s fair

While making a Trans-Atlantic crossing from Uruguay to South Africa, winds and seas clocked and backed in all directions with all intensities — from flat calm and no wind to 40-plus knots and the biggest seas we had ever encountered.

Boat work in exotic locations

When cruising, emergency boat repairs do limit your options to the nearest yard or facility.

Striking a balance

Almost all potential voyagers want to strike a balance between affordability and the size of the boat they want.

Voyaging skills interview

Ken Larner and Ilene Byron took different routes to the life of a liveaboard ocean voyager.

Installing a life raft on the coach roof

Whether you are buying your first life raft or upgrading to a new one, make sure that proper installation is as high a priority as choice of equipment.

Offshore safety interview

Nick Coghlan started sailing as a schoolboy in open Wineglass dinghies on Britain’s North Sea coast in winter, putting him off sailing for nearly 20 years.

Coconut Milk Run weather

Crossing the Pacific Ocean even on the straightest path is a long voyage.

Replacing aging lifelines

Putter around an anchorage or stroll through a marina and look objectively at lifelines.

Fresh benefits

Modern reverse osmosis designs are beginning to approximate the city water works in quality and reliability.

Staying in touch offshore

In the age of satellites and computers, flag signals and Morse code are largely relics from the past, at least for most recreational yachtsmen.

Bluewater Gear Interview

After 12 years of living aboard their Liberty 458 cutter Nine of Cups, Marcie and David Lynn have put nearly 70,000 cruising miles under Cups’ keel as they continue their slow circumnavigation of the world.

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