November/December 2019

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Ocean Navigator

Apologies to Attainable Adventure Cruising and John Harries

Setting straight a photo misuse and correcting a false implication.

Mariner teaches crewmanship to young sailors

The call to service can come from any direction, even from the past.

Rule changes in Race to Alaska

The 2020 edition of the Race to Alaska (R2AK) will feature a major course change in addition to updated rules, organizers announced on Sept. 6.

Transpac Tahiti race set for 2020 edition

The Transpacific Yacht Club will host another running of the Transpac Tahiti race in 2020.

Boating accidents, deaths fell in 2018

There were fewer boating accidents and fewer fatalities among recreational boaters in 2018, according to Coast Guard data that showed the vast majority of serious incidents involved powerboats.

Calling all future boating journalists

Have you ever read a boating article in a magazine or online blog and thought to yourself, “I could do that!” Well, here’s your chance.

Coast Guard sounds alarm on hoax radio calls

Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg watchstanders on Aug. 13 heard a familiar voice come across VHF radio.

Sailboat runs aground in Hawaii

The 41-foot sailboat Kuuliealoha II ran aground shortly before midnight on Sept. 13 near Makapu’u Beach east of Honolulu.

Endeavour: The Ship That Changed the World

Talk about good timing: Just as British author Peter Moore was putting the finishing touches on his biography of HMS Endeavour and its multifarious 18th-century voyages, marine archaeologists in Rhode Island pinpointed its final resting place near Newport, where in 1778 it had been scuttled by the British to prevent the French fleet from attacking.

Sailing America

In a magazine like Ocean Navigator, the photos play as big a part as the words, from the front cover all the way through.

Cortex combines VHF, AIS and vessel monitoring

Marine VHF radio has long been a communications device that just works.

Enabling your boat to talk

A concerned seller who could not attend the survey and sea trial of his trawler called me, his voice laden with concern: “Jeff, I keep getting text messages that the bilge pump is going off. Are you guys sinking?”

Maine’s first ship: Reconstructing the 1607 pinnace Virginia

The coast of Maine is known for boatbuilding. From peapods to superyachts, from lobster boats to Navy ships, pretty much every form of the industry is represented.

It all comes out in the wash

We’re back in the U.K., enjoying the reunions with family and friends that our brief sojourns from our “proper” life at sea aboard our Crossbow 42, Adamastor, allow us.

Worst gear breakdowns

This is the second part of a multipart series, “The toughest passages of 50,000 miles,” a look at the most difficult aspects of circumnavigators Ellen and Seth Leonard’s various ocean voyages.

Offshore sailboat choices

There are many types of hull design, rig configuration and material choices for offshore sailboats.

Benefits of a pilothouse boat

Thanks to an early introduction to the books of Eric Hiscock, the primary item on my bucket list has always been circumnavigating in my own boat at least once.

Celestial navigation series, part nine

In this installment, we’ll cover how to reduce a star sight and how to use HO 249 Vol. 1 to precalcuate what stars will be available.

November/December Issue 258: Schooner Roseway

Although it fished on the Grand Banks, still holding the record of catching 74 swordfish in one day — with harpoon — the schooner Roseway wasn’t built as a commercial vessel.

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