November/December 2016

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Ocean Navigator

Authorities recover audio from El Faro VDR

Federal investigators have released new details about El Faro’s final hours after successfully pulling information from the sunken ship’s voyage data recorder.

Marion-Bermuda race to coincide with America’s Cup

The countdown is on for the 21st running of the Marion-Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race from Massachusetts to Bermuda.

Boat fires, distress calls up sharply in Narragansett Bay

Firefighters in North Kingstown, R.I., have responded to a sharp increase in boat fires in Narragansett Bay in 2016, and nearly twice as many distress calls as three years ago.

Wild race for sailing adventurers

Interested in assembling a native Tanzanian double outrigger boat called a ngalawa and sailing it 500 miles around the Zanzibar Archipelago while sleeping on the beach each night?

Boston Light last to have a keeper

The lighthouse stood tall atop the small rocky island in Boston’s outer harbor.

National Coast Guard Museum gaining momentum

Plans for the first-ever national museum dedicated to the U.S. Coast Guard are gaining momentum, and construction could begin within two years.

Aruba bans plastic bags

In a move that will affect voyagers visiting the island, Aruba has banned the use of plastic bags.

Get technical with your trawler

A big part of successfully owning and operating a power voyaging boat is dealing with engines and systems.

EPIRB evolution

Bring a voyager forward in time from the 1950s and they would likely be amazed at the ease and instantaneous availability of navigation via GPS.

Spare me the trouble

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on making sure you have the spares you need for your power voyaging boat.

Key points on spare parts

Derelict boats in Florida

Florida Statute 327.4107, which took effect July 1, is Florida’s latest attempt to deal with its intractable derelict boat problem.

Safety comes from expecting the unexpected

It always starts with a question.

The sensible way home

In early May 2015 there was still snow on the ground in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as we prepared our 52-foot steel cutter Bagheera for her next voyage.

Emergency signaling choices

From the time radio communications arrived it was understood that getting a message out in an emergency was of prime importance.

The MEOSAR expansion

For more than 30 years, sailors in distress have relied on emergency beacons to summon help from anywhere in the world.

Cutting-edge battery technology

Your boat’s cranking and house batteries are the nerve center of your entire cruising career.

Sailing downwind

Under the right confluence of conditions, sailing dead downwind can be as bad as catching it on the nose.

November/December Issue 237: At sea without a navigator

From the latter part of the 19th century through the 1920s, square-rigged deepwater sailing ships still carried cargo competitively.

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