November/December 2013

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Victoria Classic Boat Festival

Eighty sail and power boats arrived on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, over Labor Day weekend for the 36th annual Victoria Classic Boat Festival.

Multihull designer Dick Newick passes at 87

The iconic multihull designer Dick Newick died on Aug. 28, at the age of 87.

Solar powered Ra sails waterway loop

Ra, a custom built, 48-foot trimaran named for the Egyptian sun god is exploring America’s Great Loop waterway — a route that follows North America’s East, Florida’s Gulf, major rivers and the Great Lakes.

Newport Boat Show 2013

Spectacular weather and a great turnout paired up to made this year’s Newport International Boat Show a huge success.

New home for Maersk Alabama lifeboat

The lifeboat from the rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips, master of the U.S.-flagged containership Maersk Alabama, was recently put on exhibit at the Navy SEAL Museum in Ft. Pierce, Fla.

Northwest Passage closes early

Environment Canada reports that after decades of warming, the Northwest Passage is experiencing 60 percent more Arctic sea ice this year than at the same time last year.

Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story

Chart app augments reality

Many boaters are using their smartphones and tablets to display electronic charts.

How much fuel is in my tanks?

You’ve been watching the storm front creeping ever closer and you have 45 nm to go. You wonder if there is enough fuel to go the distance. There are two things you need to know before you can be sure: How accurate is your gauge and tank sender?

The avian pleasures of voyaging

Voyaging under sail has many pleasures, but a major reward is experiencing the beauty of the natural world.

Teaching sun, stars and sextant in the age of GPS

A little more than a century ago, Joseph Conrad sat for his mate and master’s tickets in the British merchant service.

Boatyard blues

Haul outs are de rigueur for big displacement boaters; the old fun machine must be pulled out regularly for a scrape and a fresh coat of ablative bottom paint.

The long way around

There’s the rhumb line, the great circle route, and there’s the long way around. The latter wasn’t exactly our intention when departing New Zealand for Fiji one late May day, but that’s what sailing is about: life at the mercy of the elements, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

Internet access for voyagers

For better or worse, we live in a connected world. When we set off voyaging, our access to connectivity changes. How much it changes depends on where we’re going, what kind of access we want, and how much we’re willing to pay — measured both in cash and in energy consumption — to get it.

Getting the message

Voyagers venturing beyond the reach of cellular transmissions used to have only two communications tools at their disposal: HF SSB radio and satellite phones.

Wind vanes refined

If you think wind vane self-steering rigs are on their way out, think again.

November/December 2013 Issue 214: The original staysail schooner

W. Starling Burgess was an American inventive genius whose design credentials include airplanes, machine guns, the Dymaxion car (with Buckminster Fuller) and, of course, some of the great J-boat defenders including Ranger (with the young Olin Stephens).

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