November/December 2012

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Ocean Navigator

Headsail saves boat after whale attack

Annapolis Boat Shows announces 2013 changes

Newport International Boat Show draws crowds

Bizarre sailboat abduction

Famous schooner nears relaunch

Island Packet Yachts introduces new line of boats

Coast Guard SAR pilots hit by green lasers

Mystery Islands – Discovering the Ancient Pacific

World Voyage Planner

Electronics standards: The old and the new

This summer two announcements by the National Marine Electronics Association highlighted the ways that the marine electronics field is like many of the boaters it serves: it has a fondness for the latest technology yet with a deep conservatism in not wanting to change what works

The ultimate navigation platform?

Recently, while power voyaging on the Maine coast, with my wife at the helm of our 40-year-old Grand Banks 32 single-screw trawler, I was out in the cockpit doing a couple of late-morning sun sights.

Single-cell house battery installation

Across Jeffrey’s Ledge without a propeller

Opting for a Turkish tow

The lonely cliffs of St. Kilda

After retiring from my Northern Ireland medical practice at the age of 60, I devoted myself to ocean voyaging. Aboard Progress, my 34-foot wooden hull sloop of 1950’s vintage, I explored on both sides of the North Atlantic. One of my fondest memories, however, is a relatively modest four-day cruise to the islands of St. Kilda far to the west of Scotland.

Onboard insurance

An efficient reliable diesel delivers more than the ability to conquer a calm. It’s a bet you can count on in a tight current strewn pass, it’s your best friend when the anchor starts to drag during a predawn squall.

Electronic nerve center

Ocean and coastal sailors alike frequently find ourselves “on watch” short-handed or alone. We’re routinely forced to manage the vessel underway during periods of low-visibility, high traffic, etc. — situations that strain the attention of even the most experienced sailors.

Voyager’s toolbox

The launch date for your first bluewater passage is less than a month away, and still you find troublesome holes in your inventory of tools and replacement parts. Is it necessary to carry one or two brand-new spare raw water pumps, or just extra shaft seals to rebuild the unit while underway?

A hookah dive system

We had just arrived in the Galápagos Islands and were wending our way through all the cruising boats looking for a spot to drop the hook. I noticed a fishing float that appeared to be moving our way. Our prop had picked up a lost fishing line, and within seconds, the float disappeared under our boat.

Replacing engine mounts

If your engine mounts are more than five or six years old, or have been contaminated with seawater, engine oil or coolant, change them. Even if the mounts look perfect, the tough elastomer (rubber-like) material in the engine mount work-hardens over time and ceases to isolate the boat from the engine’s vibrations.

Nov/Dec 2012 Issue 206: The barque Peking and the P-Line ships

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