November/December 2010

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Ocean Navigator

No more messages in bottles

Safety and distress signaling takes a turn toward text

Controlling condensation belowdecks

Drips from condensation can be a nagging problem on a voyaging boat

The nonsensical running fix

Have you been taught to avoid narrow LOP crossing angles in plotting running fixes?

Perilous voyage

Severe weather calls a halt to a circumnavigation of South Georgia Island

The last line of defense?

A survival suit might become the only thing between you and the ocean

Nov/Dec 2010 Issue 190: Bermuda Cruising Rally

Many sailors desire to test their mettle on an offshore passage.

Island of contrasts

Despite its tropical location just eight degrees south of the equator, Ascension Island is as barren as the Arctic tundra.

Installing an engine

Repowering our sailboat with little to no previous experience has been more than just financially advantageous.

North to Alaska

For many power voyagers, the challenges and rewards of high latitude cruising are a dream that is hard to resist.

Coastwise navigation like a local

Most boaters have looked at a chart on approaching a new harbor and squinted a bit trying to visualize the few features shown shoreside.

Thermal cameras enhance man-overboard safety

When it comes to the subject of man overboard, the best safety measure is to stay on the boat.

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