May/June 2020

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Ocean Navigator

Plans released for new small, low-cost race boat

If you’ve been wanting to build your own 19-foot (5.8-meter) race boat and sail it around, you may be in luck.

Tropical grounding

After the cold of winter, northern sailors may be thinking about the wonders of a warm, tropical destination like Hawaii and some beautiful summer sailing.

Aussie sailor secures sailing speed record

While most sailors have slowed down a bit by age 81, Australian sailor and Ocean Cruising Club member Bill Hatfield is setting speed records.

CCA presents 2019 sailing awards

On March 6, the Cruising Club of America presented its 2019 sailing awards at the New York Yacht Club in New York City.

Female researchers study plastics in Pacific

An all-female crew of researchers, called eXXpedition Round the World, departed Easter Island on March 9 aboard the 73-foot research ketch TravelEdge, bound for Tahiti to study plastics in the ocean and in the South Pacific Gyre.

Sailing events worldwide affected by pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic spawns a progressively wider impact on the world at large, it is cutting a similarly wide swath through sailing events worldwide.

Virtual sailing during the pandemic

Sailing and voyaging are an intriguing mix of companionship and solitude.

Oil’s well that ends well

Oil is oil, right? Wrong!

Anchor room

One of the challenges of world voyaging is not only navigating open ocean, but also negotiating a busy anchorage when you finally arrive at your destination.

FADs offshore

In some places in the world, voyagers need to look out for FADs in the water. The official term for a FAD is a “fish aggregating device,” although on our boat we tend to call it a “fish attracting device.”

From the Tagus to Rabat

Upon departing North America and Greenland, our future plans saw our 52-foot aluminum sloop Kiwi Roa based around Europe and the North Atlantic, with ventures to the likes of Iceland and Svalbard possible.

Squeezing out fresh water

The term “watermaker” is a bit of a misnomer, as these units do not really make water but rather turn undrinkable salt water into drinkable fresh water.

Building your own watermaker

Modern technology has brought us many new devices that make the cruising life much safer and easier.

Major watermaker components

The heart of the system is the high-pressure plunger pump, similar to what is used in the car wash and other pressure-washing industries.

Watermaker pricing

Rough pricing for a range of 40-gph units.

Avoid drilling holes in your boat

Once I settled on a Tayana 37 pilothouse boat as my choice to allow me to tick off the primary item on my bucket list (circumnavigation), I set out to find a suitable used boat.

All wave energy must pass

The weather is approaching, and you are checking the lines on your boat.

Celestial navigation series, part 12

In this installment, we’ll discover moon sights and how they add a useful celestial body to your arsenal. We will also look at how to use celestial navigation techniques to determine your vessel’s compass deviation.

Moon problem

On Jan. 10, 2002, your DR position is 10° 05’ N, 70° 05’ W.

May/June Issue 262: November shakedown to Bermuda

It was cold on the morning of Nov. 20, 2019, when Dan Torchio and his crew of two slipped the lines off Rhapsody, a Passport 47 aft cockpit cutter, departing the safe confines of Greenport, N.Y.

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