May/June 2017

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Ocean Navigator

American sailor sets US record

American sailor Rich Wilson finished 13th in the Vendee Globe, the solo round-the-world race that lived up to its grueling reputation.

Restoration takes many turns

Squeezed into a boatshed on Eastern Long Island, the sailing vessel Chicane is a long way and many years from home.

Sails for Haiti

As mariners, we all know the importance of a good sail on our boat.

A grounding incites an obsession

In the 1980s, Jonathan White ran the educational operation that he founded called The Resource Institute.

Piracy attacks off Honduras

There have been three recent attacks on yachts off the coast of Honduras.

The Boats I’ve Loved: 20 Classic Boat Designs

Some 60 years ago, living in New Jersey, I bought a lovely little centerboard cabin sloop that proved completely unsuited for anything more adventurous than daysailing the state’s inland waterways.

Undaunted in the deep blue sea

Isn’t it true that big things often come in small packages? Matt Kent sure believes this.

More rogue waves, but size limited

For ocean voyagers there are some undefined hazards that lie in wait in the hazy margins.

Finding the time for celestial nav

There’s no question that the sextant is the star of celestial navigation.

Common senses cruising

What is that? That’s a new and different smell/sound/vibration/leak … something doesn’t seem right. What happened?

Nautical drifters

Since my wife, Catherine, and I began our epic world voyage on Dream Time, a 1981 Cabo Rico, we’ve averaged just nine nautical miles a day.

Emergency steering

Wayne Canning’s recent article on emergency steering was accurate about how to set up the drogue for emergency steering and how it can slow a vessel too much.

Miles of wisdom, years of knowledge

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, it takes a fleet to raise a sailor.

Natural-born sailors

As the squall passed, the stars began to appear in the inky night sky.

Getting there

From the traditional South Pacific “Coconut Milk Run” from Mexico or the Panama Canal, yachts arrive at season’s end through Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, checking in to Papua New Guinea at Rabaul.

Weather graphics

The way that mariners acquire weather forecast information has changed dramatically in the past generation.

Low-tech weather solution finds niche in high-tech world

Technology moves fast these days, but SailMail and its accompanying weather service Saildocs have developed a devoted following despite their distinctly low-tech solution.

Furler failure offshore

We left New Zealand heading for Fiji, a 1,200-mile trip. The weather was predicted to be a bit more boisterous than we would normally choose, but we had waited more than a month for a weather window and our New Zealand visas were expiring.

Checking hoses

As a surveyor, it is my job to inspect hoses for problems as I go about my inspections.

May/June Issue 241: Bluebelle’s sole survivor

There is an intriguing picture on the Internet of a young girl on a small raft just as she is rescued, with a caption reading something to the effect of “Survivor of Shipwreck.”

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