May/June 2016

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Ocean Navigator

Anchoring issues front and center in Florida

The Florida Legislature is again considering a controversial bill that would ban overnight anchoring near several wealthy oceanfront communities, a move that could affect voyagers.

Convoy to set sail for Cuba

Nine boats, both power and sail, carrying 29 people will sail from the Florida Keys to Havana, Cuba, in April for a two-week excursion aimed at showcasing the island nation and improving Spanish-language proficiency.

Marina fires in Oregon and Virginia

Marinas on both coasts sustained heavy losses from unrelated fires reported within hours of one another in late February.

Deceased sailor encounter clarified

When the story broke worldwide on March 1 of the discovery of a deceased German sailor by Philippine fishermen, accompanied by a grisly picture of the mummified body, some observers raised questions about a race boat in the Clipper Race having found the vessel a month earlier off Guam and then continuing on with the race.

Crowd research project gathers data from old logbooks

For non-scientists who want to participate in citizen science there are a number of web-based initiatives that allow you to make a contribution.

Finding North: How Navigation Makes Us Human

Books with navigation as their central element tend to be either instructional or inspirational — “how to do it” or “how I did it.”

Noble Chase

A chartered sportfisherman founders off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Racer injured in challenging conditions

The appeal of the Clipper Race for many of its participants is the chance to race a big boat in challenging conditions of wind, wave and weather all the way around the globe.

Turning on a string

The first blocks used a simple wheel turning on an axle.

A trip to the ER: Part 2

Like all good chores, your ER checks should follow a routine and be consistent.

Too close for comfort

There’s a fine art to anchoring well.

“The Guest” that wouldn’t leave

Sometimes when you’re voyaging around the world, you pick up unwanted riders.

Four legs to Cuba

Factors that can keep cruisers in port include mariners’ health and weather.

Tracking cyclones

Voyagers deciding on a cyclone avoidance strategy in the South Pacific need to make some decisions.

Two Society Island hurricane holes

Deciding to stay in the Society Islands meant finding a suitable hurricane hole.

Tropical revolving storms

The tropical revolving storm (TRS) is the planet’s most extreme system.

Celestial navigation for voyaging

There are few things quite as satisfying as fixing your position by measuring the altitude of a few heavenly bodies.

Useful tools

May/June Issue 234: The long saga of a schooner

One cannot help but think of the great captain Robert “Bob” Bartlett when the name of the schooner Effie M. Morrissey/Ernestina is mentioned.

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