March/April 2013

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New York to San Francisco record to fall?

Giovanni Soldini and his crew departed New York Harbor on a clear and cold New Year’s Eve aboard the Volvo Open 70, Maserati, in the hope of breaking the New York to San Francisco record.

The Oyster is their world

A fleet of 28 Oyster yachts departed Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua for the first ever Oyster World Rally on Jan. 6. The event marks Oyster’s 40th anniversary.

Pacific mariner rescued via PLB

Traditional, but speedy too

Just because a boat looks traditional, doesn’t mean it can’t be as fast as possible.

What’s on my boat?

GMT builds largest PowerFurl boom

If you think your boat’s boom is big and hard to handle, try controlling this spar.

Grand Ambition: An Extraordinary Yacht, the People Who Built it, and the Millionaire Who Can’t Really Afford it

Pirate Alley: Commanding Task Force 151 Off Somalia

Sandy Isle and crowd sourcing

In late November 2012, many news outlets carried the story of Sandy Island. According to numerous charts and maps, the 15-mile-long island was located in the South Pacific between New Caledonia and Australia.

Balancing speed with fuel consumption

Aboard Del Viento, our 1978 Fuji 40 sloop, fuel consumption had long been a bit of a mystery. I knew that we improved fuel economy when we throttled back, but by how much? What was the tradeoff for a longer passage? By how much could we increase our range? Where was the sweet spot?

A sudden need for steering

Questions about dive hookah safety

Remembering Captain Uli

The late Ulrich Pruesse — universally known as “Captain Uli” — was that rare breed of seafarer, master mariner in commercial sail.

Disaster averted

The return passage after the Newport Bermuda Race is often a pleasant cruise.

Improving the odds of recovery

For the most part, the average voyaging crew stands a low chance of recovering a crewmember who goes overboard. Not for lack of effort, but simply because the process requires planning and practice.

Getting personal with rescue

For mariners in distress, technology has significantly increased the chances of rescue.

A legendary offshore danger

Colliding with a water-logged shipping container in the middle of a gale is a sailor’s worst nightmare, but that’s exactly what happened to Capt. Andrew Segal one November evening while sailing his Pearson 530 from Newport to Bermuda.

Quiet your engine

Our owner-completed Corbin 39 cutter is beautifully finished inside and out, and came fitted with many desirable features, save one: the engine was not enclosed in a sound-absorbing housing.

March/April 2013 Issue 208: The Last Grain Race

“On the day we lost the cereal account, I finally decided to go to sea.”

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