March/April 2012

Ocean Navigator

Practical wiring

All boat owners have tales of woe about electrical problems aboard their vessels.

Animated knot-tying app

Radar visibility

Luxury cruiser/racer design

The cost of energy on boats

Destination Tonga

For a few years I have been refitting my 41-foot aluminum centerboard sloop Elan on the hardstands in Mooloolaba.

2012 Penobscot Bay Rendezvous

Eliminating deck rot

Have you ever walked forward and heard an ominous creaking noise from the deck of your boat?

Unique Herreshoff replica

New Jules Verne record

Iridium system passes the test of time

Socrates third circumnavigation attempt

Here comes the emergency tow

Inspectors taking closer look at yachts

Boat yard of dreams

Sun power

Getting off the ground

March/April 2012 Issue 200: Blue water vagabond

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