July/August 2018

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Ocean Navigator

Sailor rescued after striking UFO

In early May, the Coast Guard rescued a solo sailor whose vessel flooded after hitting an unknown object in open water some 60 miles east of Charleston, S.C.

Longest possible straight line sailing route

Many long-distance voyagers relish a challenge, but sailing the longest possible straight line on Earth probably won’t end up on many bucket lists.

Secluded vacation at an island lighthouse

Looking for a no-frills summer sailing getaway? White Island Lighthouse Station could be the place.

Sailors honored for thwarting sea lion attack

Roger van Hertsen and his father Evrard van Hertsen prepared to weigh anchor near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco late last year when they noticed something unusual on the horizon.

3D nautical charts are his art

Peter Hejno had an epiphany when considering decorating options for his sailboat.

Run the Storm

George M. Foy’s collective biography of a ship and a storm, and of the crew who would die in that storm, is a tour de force of nautical expertise coupled with sensitive treatment of one of the worst maritime disasters in our history.

Voyaging as an adventure in risk management

Baxter and Molly Gillespie met in Atlanta, Ga., and decided they wanted to explore the world together.

Making satellite navigation less accurate

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has become embedded in just about every electronic device imaginable.

All-in-one antenna farm

Recently I wrote about how the physics of radio waves results in challenges for antenna makers based on the frequency used.

Manual bilge pumps can bail you out

How much do you know about your trawler’s manual bilge pump?

Bilge pointers

Jeff Merrill's tips for keeping your bilge in peak condition

Unusual three-keel design

As ocean sailors, we meet some very interesting people — and Bart Pothoven from the Netherlands is no exception.

Cape Horn — a sailors’ base camp?

If you’re the kind of sailor I am, you have been reading about Cape Horn since you caught the sailing bug.

The wrath of Harvey

New Zealand sailor Graeme Kendall sailed 28,000 miles solo around the globe aboard the purpose-built Astral Express, a 41-foot sloop.

Voyaging electronics

We are sailing into the tremendous expanse of the Indian Ocean from Malaysia to the stormy South African coast and on around the southern tip to Cape Town aboard our Valiant 40, Brick House.

Tablet charging

The use of smartphones and tablets on board voyaging boats has become commonplace, and with this widespread use has come the question of how best to recharge them.

Celestial navigation series, part one

We’re revisiting this series on navigating by the sun, moon, stars and planets in the age of GPS because celestial nav is not only a viable backup to satellite navigation, but it is also a skill that ocean voyagers should have in their toolkit.

July/August Issue 249: Sunday to Saturday: Thomas W. Lawson

Imagine a 470-foot steel box. Then add seven 190-foot steel poles, Put sails on those poles — 25 in all, about 43,000 square feet — and then fill the box up with cargo.

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