July/August 2013

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Ocean Navigator

Second shot at North Pacific solo

Float Plan Registry

Tools for iPad navigation

Ninth Ida Lewis Distance Race scheduled

Restoring schooner Lettie G. Howard

Covey Island Boatworks launches online forum

Wilderness and Rescue Medicine

Info and entertainment at sea

Long bluewater passages can be daunting, for seasoned hands as well as for sailors venturing into their first major offshore adventure.

Satphone roundup

The saga of the satellite phone is an intriguing story of ups and downs. Both Iridium and Globalstar, the two original satellite phone companies from the 1990s, went bankrupt, were sold and re-emerged in the 2000s as viable operations. In 2007, Inmarsat joined in with its own satellite phone. Now, Globalstar is selling a satphone via its Spot subsidiary called the Spot Global Phone. This new Spot-labeled phone is a good opportunity to review the satphone landscape of what you can expect from these devices.

Taming the roll

Active stabilization won’t turn a rough sea ride into the feel of a flat calm, but these ingenious examples of marine engineering will make life aboard much more tolerable.

Running the diesel engine in the yard

Better bilge emergency strategy?

A tale of two boats

Staying clear of piracy

Voyagers looking west from Australia at an Indian Ocean crossing can choose to go under Africa or over it: either around the Cape of Good Hope, or through the Red Sea and Mediterranean.

Beyond routine maintenance

Ensuring that your diesel engine works when it should is the goal of any engine maintenance program.

Diesel developments

Although the basic core of today’s modern marine diesel engine remains essentially the same, the controls, fuel systems and accessories have changed greatly.

Ready to answer all bells

How engine maintenance routines on a Coast Guard cutter can be applied to ocean voyaging boats

Many uses for a digital camera

July/August 2013 Issue 211: White squall

The loss of sail-training ships is, unfortunately, not unprecedented. Some sink due to misjudgment on the part of the captain, while others are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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