October 2014

Ocean Navigator

Strange customs

On Monday, Aug. 19, 2013, I opened my email to have my day ruined by a detention notice from South African customs.

Reliable systems for high-latitude voyaging

I read Eric Forsyth’s recent story on his attempted Antarctic circumnavigation (“Turned Away,” September) and felt some comments are warranted for the safety of all who have passagemaking in mind.

Buoys get scarce

As sailors make their way through the beautiful green isles of the Bahamas, they soon become accustomed to the basic realities there.

On the Bruce in a Meltemi storm

Big Sky pulled violently at our Bruce, five meters below us, like a puppy with a sock.

Emergency in the Solomons

Carina swung on a mooring in Roderick Bay off Nggela Sule Island in the Florida Group of the Solomon Islands.

Yacht Review: Pacific Seacraft 44

In 1948, the now legendary yacht designer W.I.B. Crealock set out with three friends in a small English cutter to study the behavior of small boats at sea.

Yacht Review: Dix 43 Pilothouse

Brian Russell is a capable man. For the last 30 years, he has worked as a sculptor, blacksmith, welder, machinist, glass caster and woodworker.

Yacht Review: Mastfoil 41

For multi-hull designer Chris White of South Dartmouth, Mass., every now and then just the right client for a new design comes along.

Yacht Review: Alerion 41

Yacht design has always been an evolutionary process and today’s modern designs are no exception.

Yacht Review: Nordhavn 68

Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) continues to be the leader in ocean voyaging motor yachts.

October 2014 Issue 221: The Kaiser’s Cup

German Kaiser Wilhelm was in a hurry. The grandson of Queen Victoria and the son of Kaiser Friedrich III, Wilhelm wasted no time after his father died.

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