January/February 2019

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Ocean Navigator

Golden Globe Race lives up to billing

Solo nonstop circumnavigation is among the most challenging feats in sailing.

New NOAA program for reporting chart errors

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released a new web-based program that lets users quickly report chart errors.

Safely docked sailboat damaged in accident

The lesson of a recent incident in Connecticut is this: Any time vessels are operating in close proximity, an accident is possible.

Maine buoy bell mystery

The Coast Guard is still looking for help solving an unusual crime: Thieves are stealing signaling bells from navigational buoys off the Maine coast.

Route du Rhum IMOCA-class leader oversleeps, finishes third

Comfortably ahead in the Route du Rhum race, British sailor Alex Thomson paused for a short rest while approaching Guadeloupe.

Better than a mirror on a stick!

In a recent post to a forum for Valiant yacht owners, voyager Dick Stevenson, aboard the Valiant 42, Alchemy, discusses the value of an endoscope for looking at the deep recesses of a voyaging boat.

Winter Passage: Essays, Memoirs, Journeys

Longtime newspaperman, travel writer and Ocean Navigator contributor Alan Littell has compiled a volume of his writings that demonstrates both his globetrotting experience and his keen skill at eyewitness journalism.

National Sailing Hall of Fame inducts six new members

John Biddle was a strong sailor in his own right, but these days he’s best known for his groundbreaking films capturing the America’s Cup and other prominent sailing events — often while on board the vessels themselves.

Celestial Navigation: A Practical Guide to Knowing Where You Are

This short book — only 133 pages — delivers just enough information for the reasonably competent coastal navigator to become a reasonably competent celestial navigator.

2018 Husick Award winner

The winner of the 2018 Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award is the new electrical generating system from Integrel/Triskel Marine in the U.K.

Improved AIS standard for yachts

When you delve into the details of the automatic identification system (AIS), you quickly see its clever design and effectiveness as a tracking and collision avoidance tool.

Trawler watch-standing

Watch-standing is a shared responsibility with all who take the helm.

Watch-standing tips

A list of tips for smart and safe watch-standing.

Foghorns on demand

If you’ve spent time on a foggy coast, the sound of foghorns may be familiar.

Fiji local justice

Fiji is one of the favorite places we sailed in our Moody 422, Astarte.

Passage to San Francisco

The West Coast of the United States is not known for its idyllic sailing grounds.

The speed/handling trade-off

Sailboat design, like many other things in our modern world, is ever changing and evolving.

Setting up an offshore boat

An ocean sailing professional explains his boat and his gear choices.

Satellite hot spot offshore

In a recent issue, we spoke about our selection of software for our upcoming passages across the Indian Ocean (“Voyaging electronics,” July/August 2018).

Celestial navigation series, part four

In this installment, we’ll cover Local Hour Angle (LHA), and determining assumed longitude and assumed latitude. We’ll also look at the spherical trigonometric process for doing sight reduction.

January/February Issue 252: Ahab destroys his quadrant

By the time we reach the 118th chapter of Moby Dick, we are either emotionally exhausted or enthralled, sometimes both.

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