January/February 2013

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Ocean Navigator

Power passage to Hawaii

Kialoa US-1: Dare to win

Life raft jumps ship

A ship looking for a berth

One step closer to the dream

One voyager’s dream of a record-breaking circumnavigation took another step closer to reality with a recent launching in Thomaston, Maine

Vendée Globe begins

The fleet of the Vendée Globe crossed the starting line at Les Sables d’Olonne on France’s Atlantic coast on Nov. 10

Taming the mainsail

When it comes to mainsail furling systems, there are two options

Downwind voyaging

A voyager’s experience with offshore downwind sail handling techniques

Following Cook and Slocum

Voyagers head north inside Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Tickles, rattles and oish, or a summer in Labrador

At the end of May 2011, the 10th month of refitting our Mason 44 Frances B for bluewater cruising, the north Florida air turned to steam.

Sailing, Alaska and life

Any problems that happen while you are tied to the dock are a gift

Anchoring issues

There are three kinds of boaters: those who have gone aground, those who will go aground, and those who have gone aground but lie about it.

Adding an electronic refrigerator thermostat

The mechanical thermostats (temperature sensing switches) supplied with most boat refrigerators work fine for two years or so.

Jan/Feb 2013 Issue 207: Lost in Hurricane Carrie

With the recent loss of HMS Bounty in Hurricane Sandy, let’s revisit the story of another ship that was unable to survive the forces of nature

Coast Guard investigates tall ship tragedy

Electricity from heavy water

Lyman-Morse launched a 63-foot custom sailboat called Kiwi Spirit

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