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Van de Stadt Timber N.A.

Doug Theobalds

Essential Information

70 Water St.

In addition to supplying marine board, mastics and adhesives, Van de Stadt can also supply all other types of timber required by the yacht-building and shipbuilding sector.

• Teak: a complete range for decking and interior finishing: (moulded) graded decking timber,
sawn teak, beam timber, and sawn trunks.
• Hardwood: from temperate areas and exotics: Oak, Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Pear, Padoek, Cedrela
and Wengé and, self-evidently, Mahogany: Sapeli, Sipo (sawn, and trunks) and Swietenia.
• Softwoods for masts and structures: Cedar, Sitka and Oregon Pine.
• Timber with FSC certification: Cedar, Oak, Larch and Pine, subject to availability.
• Adhesives & Mastics: Sika adhesives, mastics and other products.
• Boards: Bruynzeel WBP (BS 1088 with Lloyds’ approval) plywood, and veneered decorative panels.