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About Seabreeze Books and Charts

Welcome aboard! Seabreeze Books and Charts has been serving the maritime community for nearly 25 years from our store in San Diego's Point Loma.

Possibly the best-stocked nautical bookstore on the West Coast, Seabreeze also carries navigation charts and software covering the entire world, as well as a long list of official publications important to commercial shipping as well as recreational boaters.

We carry navigation tools, nautical gifts, study guides for US Coast Guard licenses, and cruising guides covering most of the world. For the non-cruising fleet we have how-to guides, what-is-it references, and adventure stories (true and fictional). Get an idea of what's inside the store in our virtual tour.

Experienced Advice

Our crew includes licensed captains, live-aboard boaters, and experienced cruisers. The atmosphere at Seabreeze is casual - dogs allowed - but our intent is serious: We want to make sure you get the right stuff. Ultimately it's about keeping you safe - wherever your boat floats - and helping you enjoy our favorite activity!

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, send us an e-mail. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, send us an e-mail. There's a good chance that with a little research, we can point you at the right thing. In the meantime, we invite you to browse our catalog, and take a quick tour.

If you're not quite ready to weigh anchor, we've got a great collection of narratives by voyagers who've already done it. Enjoy their trips and learn from their experiences. --


Charts & Study Guides

Our Chartroom is well stocked with charts, cruising guides, official references, the best resources available for ocean travel. We can help you plan your voyages wherever you're going. We can provide you with British Admiralty and Canadian Hydrographic charts and publications as well as all US charts. We also carry specialized "charts" for fishermen and divers.

Do you need study guides for your U.S. Coast Guard licensing exams? We have the basic references, software, and support materials, including current CFR's, for all levels of deck and engineering licenses.

Our engineering study materials cover every level from Q.M.E.D. through Chief Engineer. Ask us if you're not sure which subjects you need, and which guides make the most sense for your goals.

Vast Selection of Cruising Guides

When you first come into our store, check out our collection of nautical gifts and decor, boat models, children's books, jewelry, and new titles on display. In addition to selected nautical jewelry, we offer a wide variety of decor and giftware, as well as games, models, clocks and weather stations, ship's wheels in several sizes, too many things to list. Need a bathtub boat or a nautical tie?

Let us know you're intended route, and we can suggest the most appropriate cruising guides.

Our Seamanship and Reference sections cover everything from basic boat handling to preparing for a circumnavigation. Want to know about living aboard? We've got the books! --

Can't find a book because it's out of print? Check our Used Books section upstairs - we might just have it!